How to: properly assemble wedding invitations


So many details go into wedding planning. Let us help you when it comes to assembling your invitations – it’s one less thing you need to think about.

Proper assembly:
1. Lay your wedding invitation down with the wording face up. By the way, this is also the perfect time to admire your gorgeous invitations.
2. Place the reception card on top of the invitation with the wording facing up.
3. Tuck the response card, wording face up, under the response envelope flap and then place it on top of the reception card.
4. If you have any other enclosure cards place them on top, facing up. Proper etiquette suggests that the map or direction card is placed on top of the response card and the accommodations card would go on the very top.
5. Put all the cards into the inner envelope, then place the inner envelope into the outer envelope and seal it.

Have fun assembling! Now all you need is your wedding party to help you!

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