All jewel tones are big for weddings right now, but purple is taking hold as the biggest. Here are some beautiful ideas to get you inspired for putting together a purple theme wedding.

First, choose your shade – or shades – of purple. Go for a deep, royal tone or lighter amethyst. Purple mixes well with blush and pink, and it’s great with pops of green.

Introduce it all with a wedding invitation that gives guests a hint at your wedding colors and style, like our watercolor  invitations.

Purple satin…it’s so regal! If you’re looking for a lighter purple look, choose chiffon or silk for bridesmaid dresses and draping fabric.

Then carry through the jewel look with metallic or silvery glitter. Pearls and beads in shades of purple give a jewel-tone look that has a softer sheen.

Take this inspiration and add your own creativity for a purple wedding that’s all beautiful and all about you.

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